We offer grass-fed poultry, eggs, goat,

and raw milk through

our goat herd shares program.

Many people believe that today’s food is making us sick due to industry practices and want to be in control of their health and diet. They need a trusted farmer who understands the importance of a clean environment and healthy animals.

We raise our animals without drugs, toxic chemicals, or GMO’s, to provide you with highly nutritious milk, meat, and eggs so that your body can heal and stay healthy. We are your personal, alternative farmer.


You can see for yourself the difference that pasture raising makes …

Juicy, light and dark meat.


Eggs as yellow as the sun.


Highly nutritious and delicious,

grass-fed young goat.


Can’t drink store bought milk? You may want to give goat milk a try!

Goat Herd Shares

Purchasing raw milk in Michigan is prohibited by law. However, owning a share of a dairy goat herd allows you to enjoy this healthful beverage legally and hassle free.